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Qualls Media creates high production value visual media that can be enjoyed by children, tweens, teens and young adults around the world. 


We specialize fantasy, comedy, and action-adventure content. Our productions for younger audiences are animated series. We create these series through forging co-production relationships with international animation studios, broadcasters, distributors and merchandisers.


We engage teens and young adults through the quickly growing platform of unscripted live stream content. In particular we are developing a weekly Dungeons & Dragons live stream called ----.

Vahid Qualls

30 years experience in the media industry including owning an animation production company which created short format animation series, script writing, voice direction, music composition, sound mixing

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Miriam Qualls

Creative overview of visual style. Cast training. Actor.

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Throughout history stories and myths have been more than hollow entertainment. They have reinforced the qualities needed to live in the world they were born into. Our stories are the same. They have unlaying themes essential for young people in today’s world: unity, forgiveness, justice, interdependence, translating lofty thoughts into deeds.


Our productions showcase ethnic diversity and strong female and male characters meaning that everyone relates to our shows. The underlying messages of unity and the power of each of us to contribute to the world in which we live help to reinforce within them the qualities and thought patterns needed to contribute to the wellbeing of their society and themselves.

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